Epiphan Webcaster X2

Epiphan Webcaster X2

So this popped into my time line yesterday. The Epiphan Webcaster X2.

At first I was not 100% sure I needed or even wanted one however on closer inspection the unit has some great features built in at relatively low price point for an Epiphan product.

It is specifically built for Facebook and YouTube streaming only and has been designed with this in mind both in terns of supported input resolutions and streaming video bitrates.

The tech specs are interesting a few things of note stand out.

  1. The unit is single destination only either Facbook or YouTube.
  2. Only two input resolutions are supported (720p and 1080p, 30 or 60 Hz/fps) meaning on jobs running 1080i we will be needing standards converters.
  3. Max video bit rate is 4000 kb/s, slightly lower than we would like but will do the job well.
  4. only has a b/g/n WiFi card, would have been happy to pay a little more for a ac card.

The HDMI out in the unit can be used as both a confidence monitor and to monitor comments and reactions to your stream which we can see being quite useful for social teams during broadcasts.

We have already placed an order for one of these units which incidentally came in at grand total of £330.26 including tax and shipping to the UK. The unit is scheduled to arrive mid to late July 17.