Black Magic Design Web Presenter – What’s in the box

So, this week we take a look at the new Black Magic Design Web Presenter and the Teranex Mini Smart Panel. We will focus mainly on the web presenter but the Smart Panel is a control surface that extends the functionality of the Web Presenter.

Black Magic Design Web Presenter – What’s in the box

  • 1 x Black Magic Design Web Presenter
  • 1 x Set of sticky feet
  • 1 x Instruction Manual on SD Card

In addition, we ordered;

  • 1 x Black Magic Design Teranex Mini Smart Panel

The first thing you will notice from the list above is that you will need to supply your own power (IEC) and USB cable, two things we have plenty of lying around.



The clever thing about this unit and in fact the whole new Mini range from Black Magic design is the unit width. It occupies a 3rd of the width of the new Teranex Mini Rack Shelf. This means it can be placed in the same single rack U as for example, 2 other Teranex Mini devices or 1 of the ATEM Television Studio HD units

Connectors include;

  • HDMI in
  • HDMI Loop out
  • SDI in
  • SDI Loop Out
  • SDI PGM Out
  • USB Type B
  • 110v – 240v IEC
  • Mini USB (Front) [Presumably for updates at a later date]


The setup

The setup was a lot more straight forward than other Black Magic Design Capture devices as no extra software was needed in order to use the device.

  1. Plug in Power
  2. Plug in USB
  3. Plug in camera
  4. Open camera in desired application


The Input

The Web Presenter supports a wide range if input standards on both HDMI and SDI (and exhaustive list can be found here) up to 2160p60

With the additional Teranex Mini Smart Panel the device can be used to switch between the HDMI and SDI inputs.


The Output

Once up and running the device presents itself as a UVC/UVA compliant webcam to the PC or Mac outputting 720p. I would imagine and in fact hope this will be brought up to 1080p in the not too distant future via a software update.

No matter what source you input the built in Teranex converters do a gret job of converting to the 720p output.

We tested the device on a range of applications with the following results;

Desktop Apps (On Windows 10): OBS, Slack, WebEx, Cisco Spark, Skype all work as advertised

Of note Wirecast – As of yet this device is not supported but according The Streaming Guys who did a great 3 part series on this device (which I would urge you to go and take a look at here) support will be added in a later release.



For basic streaming with applications that only have support for webcams this is a great little device. Once paired with the Teranex Mini Smart Panel it becomes a lot more and enables you to create your own switched source productions. In addition, for those who have limited power laptops and computers wishing to stream this little box takes a load of your machine and makes streaming accessible.

We would have liked to see some more control over the inputs from the additional panel such as audio source for example but we hope these will be coming in later updates

We still have a bit of further testing to do on this device which we will post as it happens.


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