Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini – IP Video 12G

We have been testing two of  the Teranex Mini – IP Video 12G units primarily for moving video between rooms where there is Cat6 or fibre but no BNC video cable or for runs over 75m

The interesting thing about them is they can be set up as either point to point or point to multi point much like a Videohub router but over IP, in fact in order to do this you will need to setup what Blackmagic call an IP Videohub.


The unit has all the connections you would expect. On of the nice features is the PoE+ Ethernet port witch can be used to power the unit and if the Power Connector is also plugged in this can provide redundant power.

The IP Video 12G units operate using multicast for moving the video and this explains one to many feature that is available. On a 1Gb link running @ 1080i50 the data rate is around 330Mbps which conceivably whit some clever multicast routing means theses could quite easily operate over fast WAN links

For the 10Gb test we used 10Gb SFP+ (Fiberstore SFPP-SR) modules with a 100m fibre between them in a back to back configuration. Its worth noting that the transceivers are available in cable ranges form 220m to 100Km

The unit has two latency modes, Cleanswitch which introduces around 2 frames of latency and Low Latency which is around 2 lines I think I read. From testing the the results seem to agree with the quoted figures.

We also purchased the Teranex smart panels for the IP Video 12G units. The panels give you quick access to a few features;

  • Source/destination mode
  • Source unit
  • IP Address


Although we have not finished testing at this stage it looks lie you will need to deploy PTP (Precision Time Protocol) on your switch network if you wish to move the video across switches. This at the moment is costly as there are a limited number of switches that support PTP see 

The units use TICO encoding/decoding which is a small low power hardware based encoder/decoder more info here I haven’t done much reading around it but it looks quite interesting.

These have been added to out Hire Kit store and can be found here


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