Live Streaming

Echo Eight primarily offer streaming services to other production, broadcast, digital agency and streaming companies.

Live Stream Production

We understand and believe that live streaming is not just throwing a video online. It takes time and effort to produce and delivera high quality product and we are here to help every step of the way.

Social Stream Delivey

We offer a number of Live streaming solutions to fit your specific needs. Weather you or your clients are looking to move away from live streaming via a mobile device or are looking to deliver a high profile multi-camera live streaming event we can help.

Bonded 4G Stream Delivey

As Social Streaming becomes more prevalent and the locations more varied, usually without any sort of fixed line connectivity. We have a range of mobile solutions to enable reliable stream delivery from any location.

Micro-sites & Webinar Sites

We deliver live video to private platforms and internal systems for events such as company wide updates and invite only and ticketed events. We work with various platform partners in order to deliver the best possible solution for your needs. We have also helped a number of clients develop their own solutions.

Streaming Clients